The Magic Cube

The Magic Cube Company Ltd (TMC) was founded in 2008 by Dutch entrepreneurs with decades of experience and know-how in all aspects of fresh fruit, vegetables and flower logistics.
TMC specializes in safe transportation and storage solutions for a wide range of applications

Our Head Office is located in Hong Kong and we operate a factory in the South of Vietnam where our TMC range of absorbers (and adsorbers) are produced.
Initially our focus has been on ethylene adsorbing filters and sachets for the fresh fruit, flower and vegetable market, but we have since branched out into other adsorbing solutions as well, our product range now exists of:

Ethylene scrubbers
Automatic Ethylene converting machines
Moisture absorbers

Aside from our sales office in The Netherlands, our products are sold and distributed through a wide network of agents and principals located throughout the world.

Please contact us for more information at: +31 6 21 98 28 68 or Email: อีเมลนี้จะถูกป้องกันจากสแปมบอท แต่คุณต้องเปิดการใช้งานจาวาสคริปก่อน

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