The Magic Cube

The Magic Cube

You are looking for a product that improves storage and transport conditions of fresh produce? Then we have an excellent solution for you.

Our product ensures that your fresh products stay fresh while stored or during transport; by filtering out the harmful Ethylene gas we extend shelf-life, prevent rotting and build-up of molds and preserve the colour of the product.

The Magic Cube Company Ltd. has developed several innovative techniques for the removal of  ethylene and moisture which are exclusively sold under The Magic Cube trademark.

Our Ethylene removal products are currently used for the safe transportation and storage of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. The Magic Cube guarantees air hygiene, removing ethylene which accumulates in the flower, fruit or vegetable atmosphere and purifying it from micro-organisms and other volatiles hereby ensuring better overall produce and air quality.

Our moisture removal products are world-wide well known for its excellent capacity and easiness of use.

Ethylene sensitivity

Product tables

The Magic Cube product is used widely in storing and transportation of fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables.


Advantages of ethylene removal

• Hygiene; The air is kept free from
  micro-organisms, ethylene and fungi
• Improved product quality on arrival for
  goods shipped with a container
• Fruits and vegetables slow down their
• Chlorophyll loss is delayed
• Environmental pollution, odor mixture
  is greatly reduced
• Also suitable for organic products
• Hassle free, environmentally safe
  disposal after use.